Web:AI Introduction

Web:AI is a entry-level development board made for learning basic AI features, such as, face tracking, image recognition, object tracking, speech recognition, QR Code scanning, and more. It packs an AI chip K210 and Wi-Fi chip ESP8285 on the board. By using the Webduino Education Platform, Learning AIoT has never been easier.

1. Product Information
Inside the package includes the Web:AI board, an external speaker, USB connector, and a couple of picture cards.

  • Web:AI Board
  • Micro-USB Cable
  • Speaker
  • Educational Picture Cards (Some cards require speaker and mooncar to work)
  • Little monster cards

2. Web:AI Development Board
2.1 Hardware Specification
The Web:AI Board is equipped with a camera and an LCD screen for interactive dynamic video; an internal microphone and on-board speaker adapter for sound recording, sound playback, and sound interaction; A pair of connecting finger similar to the Web:Bit, made compatable to it's peripherals, such as, sensors, controllers.

  • Size: 51.6 x 67mm
  • LCD Screen: 8 bit MCU 2.3", 320x240 resolution
  • Power:
    • Micro-USB (5VDC / 2A)
    • ion battery socket (3.7 ~ 4.2V)
  • CPU: 400 mhz dual-core RISC-V 64bit, includes float point unit, and neural engine
  • Camera: 500 megapixels
  • Expansion Slots: Edge connector(compatible with Web:Bit and Micro:bit peripherals), TF card, speaker, battery
  • Buttons: L, R, and reset button
  • Wi-Fi: ESP8285 moduel, supports 2.4G 802.11.b/g/n connection
  • Sound: Internal MEMS microphone, speaker output up to 3W.