This article will guide you through installing Arduino support for the Leaf-S3.

Install support using Arduino IDE

Here's how to install the Arduino-ESP32 directly from the Arduino IDE.

Note: For an overview of SoC support, see the table in Supported Soc, your There you can find out whether a particular chip is in a stable or development release.

As of Arduino IDE version 1.6.4, Arduino allows the installation of third-party platform packages using the Boards Manager. We have packages for Windows, macOS and Linux.

To start the installation process with Boards Managaer, follow these steps:

  • Install current upstream Arduino IDE version 1.8 or higher. The current version is at the website.

  • Start Arduino and open the File>Preferences window and click on the location shown.

  • Enter one of the above publish links after Additional Board Manager URLs. You can add multiple URLs, one per line.

Open the Board Manager from the Tools > Boards menu and install the esp32 platform.

After restarting the arduino IDE, you can see more ESP32 options, and you can configure it as shown in the figure.